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Mom Praised For Her Viral TikTok Video About How She Reacted To Her Teen Daughter’s Pregnancy

Nicole Hennessy/TikTok

A mom is being praised for her viral TikTok showing how she handled the discovery that her teenage daughter is pregnant.

Nicole Hennessy was shocked when she found a piece of a pregnancy test’s wrapper in the bathroom, as most parents would be.

But Hennessy is being called nothing short of a hero for the positive, sensitive way she responded to her discovery.

Where most parents would have panicked and lectured their daughter—or worse—Hennessy kept her cool and gave her daughter exactly what every young woman in her position needs.

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In the video, Hennessy describes how she found the pregnancy test wrapper and asked her daughter, Angelina about it, who said the test had come up negative. 

But something in Hennessy’s gut tells her to get Angelina a second test. She does, and that test comes up positive.

Hennessy keeps her cool and thinks of nothing but supporting her daughter, an approach that has won her praise from fellow moms, teens and even doctors on the TikTok.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Hennessy described her immediate reaction to discovering the pregnancy test.

“The moment I saw the pregnancy test wrapper, I knew it was my daughter’s. My immediate reaction was, ‘Angelina needs me, so don’t react!'”

“I said, ‘Do you need a hug?’ And I hugged her tight and told her I would help her figure this out.”

Hennessy also explained that, of course, she was upset by the turn of events, but she knew she had to put her daughter’s feelings first. 

“I was terrified and sad but, if I felt that way, imagine how Angelina was feeling!”

“It wasn’t about me or how I felt, my daughter needed me in that moment to be her person.”

After discussing the issue with Angelina’s father, Hennessy sat her daughter down and educated her on her options.

“I told her I would support whatever she decides and I told her I’m sorry that the first real adult decision you will ever make is one of the hardest.”

In the end, Angelina decided to keep her baby, and says her mother’s support has made all the difference.

“If I didn’t have my mom’s support, I know that this story would be a little different and I’d feel a lot more afraid than I am now.”

On TikTok, people praised Hennessy’s heroic parenting.

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Hennessy stressed that what she learned most from this experience is the importance of building trust with your kids.

“The bottom line is: Do not be afraid to talk to your kids.”

“Do not make it uncomfortable—just be honest and discuss facts.”

“Teens want to be able to openly have serious conversations with their parents, so stop putting up walls.”

“Put in the work and control your emotions to build that trust.”

Solid advice, indeed!


Written by John Sundholm

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