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Moms Get Into All-Out Brawl Outside Elementary School As Their Frightened Kids Scream And Cry

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It’s the kind of trashy scene you would expect to see on an American reality TV show. Two mothers get into a fight just outside of an elementary school.

The altercation however, played out in Britain.

The two women curse at each other, yelling back and forth before the moms brawl in front of children.

The footage was anonymously shared online to several social media sites.

Britain’s finest mums from PublicFreakout

The video starts outside the Carr Infant School in York, with a blonde-haired woman, who is initially holding a child, yelling at another mother.

She tells the woman to “Grow up!” Her rival responds with “Or what? Shut up.”

It’s a simple exchange that quickly escalates. As they go back and forth, the dark-haired mom points out the literal child in the other mom’s arms.

She responds saying:

“I don’t care. You’ve got kids around ya. Shut your mouth.”

She then hands the toddler to someone else before continuing to yell at the dark-haired woman.

For those of us in the states, this is apparently somewhat expected in York, England.

At one point the blonde-haired woman yells that the dark-haired woman needs to stop being a bully.

A-ha! Some context!

This will totally tell us who to root for.

Except it doesn’t. If you were hoping for something beyond that, we don’t get much.

While the “bully” comment seems like it should put you on the side of one of the women, that same person literally sets her child down to get ready to fight.

The pair of moms start brawling, pulling each other’s hair and fall to the ground. As they do, they knock over a child on her bike.

And that’s when they move from entertaining to dangerous.

The women continue fighting on the ground as children scream and cry around them. Other parents rush over to separate the two.

It takes three other people to pull the two apart. The two trade comments before the video cuts out.

In a since deleted post, the Carr Infant School tried to request people stop sharing the video and report it to have it removed from Facebook.

That will likely not help, as it looks like it was initially shared to Reddit. Over on the site’s r/PublicFreakout board the video was titled “Britain’s finest mums”.

The commenters were very unimpressed with the women’s actions.

“Calm down mate. Don’t drag us into this sh**. That’s England’s finest mums.”MojojojoDH

“Fighting in front of your own kids and others children is about as trashy as you can get”infecktd

“Disgusting. They don’t even have a Popeye’s in England.”WhileYouEat


It’s a nice change of pace. Usually when you have potentially bad moms on Reddit, the situation gets a lot murkier.

At this time, it has been confirmed that at least one of the women was arrested and charged with a public order offense.

She is due to appear before the magistrates in December.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.