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Ancient Mummy May Hold The Cure To Arthritis According To Scientists


A 1949 earthquake in Guano, Ecuador at the convent Asunsion de Guano revealed the mummy of what is believed to be a friar and guardian of the convent. The time has finally come for French pathologist Dr. Philippe Charlier to examine the corpse, and the discoveries could be groundbreaking.

The mummified body was found in a large, earthenware jar between the walls of the convent next to a mummified rat.

This particular body is believed to be from the 1560s, and he is believed to be around 85 to 90 when he died.

Dr. Charlier has also studied the remains of Hitler, Descartes, and Robespierre.

Because of the body’s unique burial, it was protected from flies and larvae, so the tissues are well-preserved.

Most interestingly, these tissues bear markings of rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Charlier stated,

“This is an extremely important mummy for the history of diseases.”

Rheumatoid arthritis originated in America before Christopher Columbus’ arrival.

When speaking further about the disease, Charlier explained that the mummy could hold the key to understanding, and possibly curing, the painful condition.

“The mummy of Guano may be the link missing that will allow us to understand how this disease, which was originally American, then became a global disease by hybridization, by the confrontation between two worlds.”

Interestingly, the news broke just before Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day, propelling the desperate need and hope for a cure.

Hopefully this friar’s remains can change others’ lives by leading researchers to a cure.


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