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NBC Commentator Apologizes After Sexist Comment About Female Fans Sparks Backlash

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NBC commentator and ex-NFL receiver Cris Collinsworth lost points with viewers after making sexist remarks on the air.

Collinsworth was impressed with female fans of the Steelers and commented on their love for the NFL during Wednesday’s game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

Collinsworth said of the women with whom he had a discussion earlier in the week:

Everybody’s a fan. In particular the ladies that I met.”

He continued expressing his shock that women had as much interest in sports.

“They have really specific questions about the game. I’m like wow, just blown away.”

Many saw his awestruck comment as an insult to women.

Collinsworth responded to the backlash by issuing an apology that he shared on Twitter.

He said:

“Today on our broadcast I made a reference to a couple of women that I met in Pittsburgh who so impressed me with their football knowledge that I wanted to tell their story on the air.”

“I know the way I phrased it insulted many. I’m so sorry.”

“What I intended as a compliment to the fans of Pittsburgh, became an insult. I’m sick about insulting any fan, but especially female fans and journalists.”

He expressed regret by acknowledging the obstacles many women face in journalism.

“I know first hand how much harder they have to work than any of us in this industry. I was wrong and I deeply apologize.”

However, Twitter felt he fumbled his apology.

One parent said her 12-year-old son brought Collinsworth’s remarks to her attention.

She was disappointed in Collinsworth but reassured by her son’s reaction.

Earlier this year in honor of Women’s History Month, the NFL announced female fans comprised 47% of the league’s total fanbase—roughly 88 million women.

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