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Man Arrested After Hurling Racial Slurs At Black Grocery Store Worker During Intense Confrontation

Shakihla Keke Simmons/Facebook

A North Carolina man was arrested for multiple charges after having a bizarre, racist meltdown in a North Carolina grocery store.

A Facebook Live video of the verbal attack—captured by Facebook user Shakihla Keke Simmons—left many viewers shocked.

Warning: video contains NSFW language

The incident occurred July 23rd at the Food Lion grocery store in Hope Mills, North Carolina, near Fayetteville. 

It’s not been reported what caused the incident, but the assailant has been identified as 41-year-old Eric Shane Cahoon. In the video, Cahoon, who is White, can be heard cursing and repeatedly calling a Black store employee the n-word while challenging him to a physical fight.

The Black employee tells Cahoon repeatedly to leave while refusing to otherwise engage. This seems to agitate Cahoon even more.

As Cahoon escalated his verbal abuse and attempts to goad the Black employee into a physical altercation, the employee becomes visibly more agitated. At two points he seems to step toward Cahoon, and his fellow employees repeatedly step between them.

Employees and customers can be heard repeatedly telling the Black man not to touch Cahoon—presumably in order to avoid an assault charge. Another employee intervenes and tries to get Cahoon to leave as he becomes more and more enraged.

Cahoon finally leaves, screaming obscenities the entire way out.

Cahoon was subsequently arrested by local authorities and charged with multiple crimes: ethnic intimidation, disorderly conduct by abusive language, communicating threats, intoxicated and disruptive behavior and second-degree trespassing.

On social media, people were angered by the incident. 

Dayna Ortiz Guzman/Facebook


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Karlin Hunter/Facebook

According to local paper The Fayetteville Observer, Cahoon was held at the Cumberland County Detention Center on $1000 bond after his arrest on Monday.


Written by John Sundholm

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