A Neo-Nazi Group Just Disbanded Because Of A Messy Love Triangle Fistfight In A Trailer Park

You are most likely familiar with the neo-nazi group of the Traditionalist Worker Party due to their explosive Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August, which resulted in dozens of injuries and one death. And, if you’ve been rooting for the hate group’s demise ever since, then today’s your lucky day: it seems that TWP is no more, thanks to a recent, incestual scandal involving its former leader, Matthew Heimbach.

The story itself reads like a bad soap opera plot. Apparently, the married Heimbach was involved in a not-so-secret affair with former TWP spokesman David Parrott’s wife — who also happened to be Heimbach’s mother-in-law, more or less. As the Daily Beast reports:

The implosion began at a TWP compound in Paoli, Indiana where Parrott’s wife, Jessica, was allegedly having an affair with Heimbach—who is married to Parrott’s stepdaughter from a previous marriage.

Heimbach and Jessica told Parrott they’d ended the relationship, but Parrot and Heimbach’s wife were skeptical. They arranged to “set up” Heimbach and Jessica in a trailer on Parrott’s property to catch them having sex.

A trailer park sting operation resulted in Parrott standing outside of a trailer, watching his wife have sex with his stepson-in-law through the window.

You really can’t make this sh*t up.

Parrott confronted the pair, which resulted in a scuffle with Heimbach. After Heimbach allegedly choked him to “unconsciousness,” Parrott ran to a nearby Walmart and called the police.

When the police showed up at Heimbach’s trailer, Heimbach told his wife to go out and tell the officers everything was fine. When she refused, the officers reported that they heard Heimbach raising his voice and that there was “scuffling … and yelling” from inside the trailer.

Heimbach was immediately arrested and charged with battery, intimidation, strangulation, and domestic battery committed in the physical presence of a child. (Heimbach’s two young kids were in the trailer when he allegedly assaulted his wife.)

Parrott subsequently resigned from his position at the TWP spokesman and claims that the group is now defunct. He even pulled the party’s website in order to destroy its membership data.

“I guaranteed that all our membership data was destroyed because of (a) lot of concern with people’s’ information being caught in this white trash circus,” Parrott told The Daily Beast. “All the information is destroyed and everybody’s personal information is protected … Obviously, due to the events that transpired, people have lost faith in the party on every level. I totally respect that and it’s my job to protect that information.”

When pressed about the state of the group, Parrott reportedly responded by saying, “There is no more party ma’am,” before hanging up the phone.

Every day, I am reminded more and more that we are living in the dumbest timeline.