A Second Revival Season Of Gilmore Girls May Be Coming To Netflix

Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage

When Netflix announced they would be bringing back one of everyone’s favorite shows, Gilmore Girls, fans were over-the-moon happy. Although the revival was only four episodes, fans were satisfied that show creators and Netflix executives cared enough about fans to bring it back after all those years.

After the four-part revival debuted in 2016, fans were left wondering if Netflix would be able to work some magic and provide another series to the revival. And, apparently, there’s a strong possibility that it could happen. Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content at Netflix, said over the weekend at a press tour:

“We haven’t discussed it at all. But [creator Amy Sherman-Palladino] knows that we are very big fans of Gilmore Girls.”

The streaming service sent out a pretty cryptic tweet in December 2016 that hinted towards another season, as well. Fans know that the four-part revival ended with Rory Gilmore uttering four words to her mother that Amy Sherman-Palladino had planned from the very beginning–that she’s pregnant. However, the end of the revival did leave fans with a rather big cliff-hanger, as no one knows who the father is.

It’s fair to assume that if they were to bring the show back, they could focus on Rory finding out who the father is, or even fast-forward to when she’s actually a mother–a dynamic with Emily, Lorelai, and Rory that fans would probably die for.

Currently, the only thing that would really be stopping another season is Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon. The hilarious comedy has Sherman-Palladino locked in a contract with Amazon, which waves the possibility of a Netflix revival at this time (or, at least until The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel wraps).

Sherman-Palladino has said in the past that she truly thought the show’s revival would only run for one reason–but, now, she’s “unsure” if there would be more seasons. So, it’s not a definite no, but it’s also not a guaranteed yes.

Either way, fans of Gilmore Girls are excited about the possibility of a second season.

Fingers crossed that this dream comes true!