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Netflix Paid A Staggering Amount To Keep ‘Friends’ For Another Year After Angry Fans Revolted

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Friends fans are rejoicing at the news that the beloved ’90s sitcom will, after much negotiation, be kept on Netflix for another year!

But the show’s return comes at a hefty price… literally. Netflix is reportedly paying Warner Brothers $100 million for the rights to air the show, a $70 million increase over what they paid last year.

Some believe inflated prices like these will become more and more predominant as viewers continue to drift towards streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix is infamous for never releasing any of its viewership numbers, which can often make business moves like this seem… well… insane.

But one assumes the company must have a reason for making such a large investment in a program.

The decision to renew Friends at such a high price also flies in the face of Netflix’s recent efforts to move more of their studio in-house.

Twitter users were shocked at the amount of money Netflix was prepared to spend on Friends.

Others thought it was the only logical course of action!

There were also, shockingly, some Twitter users who believed $100 million for a 24-year-old show was a waste of money?

But for Friends fans, Netflix has just made a great move. Netflix will be glad to welcome them all back for another year!

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