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Newscaster’s Hilarious ‘Highlights Of 2020’ Reel Is Exactly As Long As You’d Think

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People appreciate news reporting that is honest and comes from the heart.

So it’s no surprise BBC newscaster Simon McCoy’s 2020 highlight reel is really resonating with people.

A highlight can refer to just an important moment or detail. It can also mean the opposite of a lowlight—the great or happy events versus the not so great.

McCoy apparently employs that second definition. With the announcement of the segment, even McCoy seemed tensed to view the dumpster fire that was 2020.

McCoy started his intro to the piece with a  sigh, his lips tense

“Um … I’m just going to show you a special programme. We’ve put up the highlights of 2020, let’s just have a look.” 

You can see the highlight video here:

The highlight reel lasted zero seconds.

McCoy, who had glanced down to his monitor as if to watch the thrilling reel, looked back up to camera.

He said:

“Exactly. It’s farewell 2020.” 

He then pitched the show back to his colleagues for the next story. The entire segment lasted just a few moments.

Heartfelt and honest reporting. 

Well … here’s to hoping 2021 earns itself a bit of a warmer farewell and at least one highlight.

Happy New Year.

Erica Diaz

Written by Erica Diaz

Erica is the consummate cool-kid. She’s so cool that she’s been talked about in magazines, on blogs and on the radio after losing her left eye because of a piece of glitter. She is still actively mourning the passing of Prince and hopes to one day do an all-iguana remake of Graffiti Bridge since iguanas are plentiful near her home in South Florida. She has yet to find one that can really nail the “ahhhyayayeaheaheah” that Tevin Campbell does in Round and Round, and everyone knows the music is the important part of any Prince film. She’s a mother, singer, writer and (if the internet is to be believed - which we all know it is) a Nigerian socialite mid-ranking member of the Illuminati. She prides herself on being the most popular one-eyed rock star under 5 ft tall in pretty much any room she walks into.