Nigeran Photographer Shoots Gorgeous Portraits Highlighting The Diversity Of The African Continent

Recently a photograph of Jare the five-year-old who the world dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” went viral. Now the woman who took the famous photo is sharing more of her work and the images are spectacular. Bisola Mofeoluwa Bamuyiwa, a self-taught Nigerian photographer, has posted many portraits to her Instagram account and people are blown away by her talent.

She writes on her website :

I can’t count how many beautiful people I have approached to have them photographed. I realized everyone is beautiful, I haven’t seen anything ugly unless some I have seen I ask God “why” but then I take the Ugly and I make the world see the Beauty in it.  So that’s where I am also called a #beautyphotographer and a portrait photographer.

Looking through Bamuyiwa’s lens we see the beauty too.

RAMADAN KAREEM Some people here know how much I love Arabic music or rather Muslims songs . I have learnt so much poetry about God just by listening to their songs especially from my Favourite by #samiyusuf THE SOURCE Inna li rabban adheem, laiyysa li rabbun siwah, howa-al-rahman You are the source of all power My need in my darkest hour My lord Your light and love all I seek Nothing more I'd ever want or need My lord Protect me from dishonour Grant me faith to be stronger My lord You are the source of all mercy Infinite light for all to see My lord Some claim to represent you But everything they do is so far away from you My lord Help us to know you better Help us love one another My lord Gods blessings on you on the arrival of the holy month Jumah Mubarak !! Make up by @deeqlooks Creative direction @mofebamuyiwa #bmbstudio #bmbphotographs #jumahmubarak #muslim #muslimwomen #holymonth #fasting #prayers

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My scars don't dictate who I am *DESIRE BENJAMIN* There are moments in life that define us, moments that alters, disrupts, set our lives on a different course forever. That is the moment young Desire Benjamin faced after gas explosion that left her severally burnt after 3months in the hospital. She came off with these scars as life's souvenir. Desire's body is now adorned with scars that now teaches us the true meaning of beauty and life. She looks at her scars as they lay about in parchments all over her body and a new sense of love, appreciation and hope is kindled. She feels the undulating contours and pages of life's lessons jump off of them. She could have given up, stopped living and wallow in pity, and sympathy, but not Desire. While photographing this rare beauty, we felt the gush of life oozing out of her, enthralled by her enthusiasm, amazed by her narrative and absolutely blessed by her presence. Find the Beauty in your scar and let it be a blessing Make up by @faaribysisiope Creative direction by @mofebamuyiwa #black #scar #bold #beautiful #fearless #survivor #bmbstudio #mofebamuyiwa #Art #Artphotograhy #model #happygirl #soulful #artist

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@titikuti came in for a portrait session and he wanted just simple Polaroid head shots . We delivered what he WANTED . But I NEEDED something else more . I couldn’t help but see he looked like a “god” I told him I love the freckles on his face and Hair . And I told him he could act a role as Jesus and that’s what I really saw in him So I picked up my crucifix inspired Art Craft that had been in my store room for the past few years and Now was the best time for the crown to be worn . IM NOT THE BEST CURATOR OF MY WORK . But I believe in what I see as beautiful . Make up and styling by @mofebamuyiwa Hand made crown by @moonvisuals #portraitphotography #portraitphotographer #art #artsy #crucifix #artcraft #artportrait #artphotography #mofebamuyiwa #onelight #godox

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In addition to portraits, Bamuyiwa also photographs couples and weddings. 

And puppies, because always, puppies!

With nearly 150,000 Instagram followers we think we will be hearing much more from this amazing talent.

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Written by Jonna Ivin

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