25 Badass Pieces Of Decor That Should Already Be Hanging On Your Walls

So you’re at that point in your life when your posters from college and your cheap-ass, generic IKEA framed pictures just won’t cut it anymore. But you can’t just leave your walls bare, right?

That’s cool, been there. Done that. Which is why I took the liberty of suggesting a few badass wall pieces that’ll let the world know you and your apartment have arrived.

1. This bottle cap map


Get it on Amazon for $37.99.

2. These minimalist dog decals cover your space nicely.


Get it on Amazon for $20.50 (available in green, pink, navy, and black).

3. This Zelda wall decal is great if you’re the gaming type.


Get it on Amazon for $37.00.

4. Nothing says “Fancy as fuck” like a wall tapestry.

Get it on Amazon for $38.70.

5. If this dinosaur head isn’t hanging in your living room by the end of the weekend, I don’t even know what.

Get it on Amazon for $61.49.

6. Always losing your keys? How about bird-shaped whistle keychains? Form AND function.

Get it on Amazon for $6.99.

7. These mirrored butterflies add a 3D element to your walls.


Get it on Amazon for $1.35.

8. This metal sign that pretty much sums up my 24/7 mood.

Get it on Amazon for $24.00.

9. This speech bubble white board.


Get it on Amazon for $22.88.

10. This cat sticker for your light switch.

Get it on Amazon for $0.45.

11. Umm, glow-in-the-dark unicorns anyone?

Get it on Amazon for $6.15.

12. This hashtag lamp is #coollamp.


Get it on Amazon for $18.99.

13. This tropical looking tapestry, if you’ve got a beach motif going on.


Get it on Amazon for $18.80.

14. This square shaped shelf is simple, yet elegant.


Get it on Amazon for $49.99.

15. These tiny triangles add a bit of shape to your decor.

Get it on Amazon for $17.69.

16. And in case you’d prefer 3D shapes, I suggest geometric accents.


Get it on Amazon for $29.99.

17. These diamond-shaped mirrors go beyond the simple rectangle and square mirror and add a little flare to you checking yourself out before you leave for work.


Get it on Amazon for $40.09.

18. This floating bookshelf is not only cool, but it’s the perfect way to tell all your guests that you know how to read without saying it.

Get it on Amazon for $11.95.

19. This fox hook is a classy alternative to a nail in the wall.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

20. Pop open a cold one with this bear bottle opener wall mount.

Get it on Amazon for $9.38.

21. Ooooh, gold polka dot decals.

Get it on Amazon for $14.90.

22. This cardboard unicorn bust is ideal for unicorn trophy hunters. 


Get it on Amazon for $18.99.

23. This giant moon decal that glows in the dark is pretty cool for a bedroom or hallway.


Get it on Amazon for $16.98.

24. Nerd alert, this set of Mario decals will take you back to getting beat up in the ’80s.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

25. This darling decal is definitely a great way to “put a bird on it.”


Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

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