Someone Created Comically Bad Portraits Of Trump Administration Members That Are Just Too Good ?

14. Here’s Don Jr. doing his best impression of someone who can actually form a coherent thought:

13. IÂ’m not sure if Ivanka can pull off this look, but IÂ’m sure she would leak to the media that it wasnÂ’t her idea and that sheÂ’s doing her best to change it behind the scenes:

12. Eric seems positively giddy at the thought Don Jr. might go to jail forever:

11. And MelaniaÂ’s vest is giving me serious Paula Poundstone vibes here:

10. Jared is gonna need those Kung Fu skills when he gets sent to the slammer:

9. TrumpÂ’s attorney Rudy Giuliani needs to step up his fashion game if he wants to find a new wife to divorce him:

8. Take a look at Mike Flynn. Would this guy betray his country? (Yes.)

7. What about Paul Manafort? (Also yes.)

6. TrumpÂ’s ass-kissers from Fox News didnÂ’t escape his photoshop wrath either. HereÂ’s Ann Coulter:

5. And here’s “Judge” Jeanine Pirro, who honestly looks like she used to sport this hairstyle:

4. Sean Hannity probably wishes he was this fit:

3. And TrumpÂ’s enablers in Congress got the glamor shots treatment, too. HereÂ’s Sen. Lindsey Graham:

2. And Mitch McConnell, protecting his precious poodle like it was a stolen Supreme Court seat:

1. And, of course, Johnson did his best work for the terrible man himself. HereÂ’s Donald Trump looking a little older than the age he acts:

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