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Non-Binary Singer Sam Smith Hit With Abuse From Trolls After Expressing Their Desire To Become A Parent

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Singer/songwriter Sam Smith has been receiving a lot of flak from trolls ever since coming out as non-binary and sharing their preferred pronouns.

But the online bullying increased when Smith expressed wanting to become a parent.

Smith told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in a recent interview:

“I want kids. I want all of it.”

“I want to be with the kids, watch them grow and be with them every day.”

“I want to be mummy.”

Those who were “disgusted” over Smith’s desire to raise a child and their pronoun preference trolled the singer online.

But their allies far outnumbered the haters.

Those who defended Smith explained what it means to be non-binary.

The 28-year-old Grammy Award winner added they would hold off on parental duties until they were 35.

“I’m definitely going to do that at some point, but I’ve still got more in me.”

“I’m ambitious and I would still want to sing to people and do this job. It’s an amazing feeling.”

The singer had formerly dated 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn, but is currently single.

Smith is hoping to find someone to raise a family with, but the dating scene has proved to be a challenge.

“I’m going to work my a** off [and] hopefully find a boyfriend but they’re absolutely nowhere to be found in London.”

“I’ve been searching all over the place.”

“Honestly, I’ve been on the front line now for a good three years. It’s exhausting.”

Smith also talked about their struggles dealing with closed-minded people who refuse to acknowledge the singer’s gender identity.

“I’ve always felt the way I felt.”

“When I changed my pronouns, things got complicated for sure. It took time.”

“My family, they all got it like that and it wasn’t a problem.”

“What I’ve learned is people don’t like to be wrong, and when people mess up a pronoun or something, they really don’t like it.”

They continued:

“It kind of ruins conversations, ruins moments. It’s really difficult.”

“So, I’ve had to just go into myself and try and deal with it in a real kind way and just know everyone’s working on this.”

“It’s going to take time. We’re changing a language here.”

Smith’s third studio album Love Goes is expected to be released on October 30 after the pandemic delayed the initial June 2020 release.

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