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*NSYNC’s Joey Fatone And Lance Bass Just Dragged The Hell Out Of Chris Kirkpatrick’s Old Hairstyle

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1998 was quite the year.

U.S. President Bill Clinton was impeached, the FDA approved Viagra, Titanic hit theaters and crushed box office records, and *NYSNC’s first hit single, “I Want You Back” put the boy band on the map.

Now, 22 years later, the world is a profoundly different place. And what illustrates changing tides better than the wildly embarrassing hairstyles of yesteryear.

Joey Fatone and Lance Bass, two of *NYSNC’s founding members, recently got together to make a TikTok video just to celebrate how far we’ve come.

In the brief clip, Bass and Fatone—now grey-haired—used some prop comedy to blast the former hairdo of their fellow band mate Chris Kirkpatrick.

Mixing a golden pineapple and some slapstick editing, Bass and Fatone cast ’90s Kirkpatrick in a whole new—golden—light.

@joeyfatone♬ original sound – Joey Fatone

TikTok users absolutely loved the video. 

Jade Buchanan/TikTok

Plenty of people hoped it was the beginning of a long, wonderful journey. 

Jess Mulder/TikTok
Amymarie Gaertner/TikTok

A few completely misunderstood what was going on. They were panic-stricken. 


And others set their sights on another target. 

The Reese’s Guy/TikTok
Erica Coffelt/TikTok
Miss j/TikTok

Those users were recalling a trend from a couple years back, when somebody discovered *NSYNC lead singer Justin Timberlake’s striking resemblance to preservative-laded, dried noodles. 

Perhaps it’s time to look back on the styles of all the pop culture stars from decades ago. But be prepared for a trip to the grocery store. 

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