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Pro-Trump New York Nurse Immediately Fired After Racist Post About The Patients At Her Hospital

@kcmxxo_ / Twitter

We’ve all seen plenty of stories about someone spouting racist rhetoric, getting caught on social media, and then fired. It happens so often you have to question how they don’t know what the consequence of their actions will be.

So, it will come as little surprise that it’s happened again. A nurse for Long Island’s Northwell Health has been fired after racist private messages of hers were leaked online.

The messages leave little to the imagination.

@kcmxxo_ / Twitter
@kcmxxo_ / Twitter
@kcmxxo_ / Twitter

The nursing student is named Emily Patysiak. In her messages with this anonymous person, she tries to justify her racist beliefs and states that her hospital mostly treats gang members.

“My hospital is all gang members that are Spanish and black. That’s true. That’s all they do.”

“Half of them are here [because] they got shot. Or half of them are here [because] they’re so drunk it’s disgusting.”

She goes on to claim that half of her paycheck goes to “these scums.” She later says “half our taxes” go to people on welfare. Which is not how any of this works.

She also thanks the President, saying:

“So I’m glad Trump is trying to fix it bc I’m f**king done w it.”

Many online were disgusted.

The images shared didn’t just have Patysiak’s messages, but also identified her Facebook profile and more importantly where she works. This led to people quickly tagging her employer to ask if they’re okay with employing someone who outright proclaims themselves to be racist.

Northwell Health didn’t hesitate to release a statement.

The fact that Patysiak works in healthcare is disturbing. Studies have consistently shown that minorities often receive lower-quality care compared to White patients due to systemic biases and individual prejudice.

So having a nurse who so willingly admits to these beliefs has no doubt just exacerbated these inequities.

Luckily, shortly after finding out about the messages, Northwell Health put out a statement, apologizing and confirming that she’d been terminated.

“Northwell Health has been investigating an apparent online conversation involving a Southside Hospital employee & nursing student advocating racist views.”

“The views expressed were disturbing & have no place in our organization. The employee is no longer with the health system.”

People were not sad about it.

The response online largely expressed gratitude to the hospital for providing a safer space for the community and to Northwell Health for their dedication to diversity.

Ben Acosta

Written by Ben Acosta

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