Nurses Bail Out Dad From Jail Who Was Arrested After Rushing His Daughter To The Hospital

Fox 2 St. Louis/YouTube

WTF America: 2019 Edition.

A group of nurses in Centreville, Illinois, bonded together to bail Darius Hinkle out of jail after Hinkle was reportedly arrested for “breaking traffic laws while rushing his 1-year-old to the hospital.”

Hinkle, who does not have a valid drivers’ license and who was speeding because his 1-year-old was choking on a penny, says that by the time he arrived at the hospital, several different police officers were tailing him.

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His daughter’s mother, Donecia Pittman, recounted:

“I told them [the police] multiple times that she [my baby] was choking.”

She added:

“They were just concerned with the fact that we were speeding.”

But nurses from the local hospital chipped in money to bond Hinkle out of jail. Pittman found out when she arrived to bail Hinkle out and saw some women she didn’t know bailing him out.

According to Pittman:

“She said ‘I’m the nurse from Touchette hospital’.”

“I can’t thank them enough,” said both Pittman and Hinkle.

“They [were] there for us.”

People are questioning the police’s judgement in this case…

…and if their decision to arrest him in the wake of the extreme circumstances was a good choice.

Before saying “the cops were just doing their job,” think:

What would you have done if you heard that your arrestee’s daughter was choking?

Blindly arrested him or exercise empathy?

According to the National Black Police Association, they could have used their discretion.

Food for thought in 2019 America.


Written by Mike Walsh

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