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NYC Man Hospitalized After Plummeting 15 Feet Into Sidewalk Sinkhole—Right Into Swarm Of Rats

News 4 New York

A New York man is recovering after being swallowed by a sinkhole. The sidewalk he was standing on in the Bronx opened up beneath him, and he fell 15 feet while waiting for the bus.

However, the fall was only part of the problem. His bigger issue is what he found after falling into the sidewalk.

A nest of vicious rats.

Leonard Shoulders, 33, was just waiting for the bus when the sidewalk caved in. The video above shows him trying to hold on before falling into the newly opened hole.

The sudden fall caused injuries, including breaking his arm and his leg. Bystanders looked into the hole and tried to tell Shoulders to wave his hands and yell if he was all right.

However, the man didn’t want to open his mouth, for fear of the rats.

Cindy White, Shoulders’ mother, told News 4 New York:

“He was like, ‘Ma, the rats down there were ridiculous.’ He was like, ‘they were like so big’.”

“He was scared to yell out because he thought they were gonna go in his mouth.”

As if you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse.

At the bottom of the sinkhole was a massive nest of rats that swarmed Shoulders when he landed. He was stuck waiting half an hour before help could arrive.

Building inspectors have since found the vault area beneath the sidewalk in disrepair. A fence surrounds the sinkhole, and three businesses are closed until it can be fixed.

In the meantime, a full vacate order has been issued for the buildings and an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

But Cindy White is just thankful her son is safe.

While sinkholes aren’t common in New York City, they’re far from rare. Just last year, a Brooklyn road nearly swallowed a car with the driver and passengers included.

While the woman and children inside the vehicle were safe, it does raise questions about the streets you walk on every day.

Ben Acosta

Written by Ben Acosta

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