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Deaf Model Nyle DiMarco Has Epic Response To Person Who Asked Why Video Of Sign Language Interpreter At Pride Has No Sound

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Every now and then the internet goes out and does something wonderful that reminds us that while most humans are…well, garbage, not all humans are.

Not really garbage or most people, but sometimes social media or the comments section can feel like…


Anyway… this is one of those times when things don’t seem quite so bad.

So if you spend any time on Twitter, you’re likely familiar with deaf model and actor Nyle DiMarco. Or, you may have seen him on your TV screen on America’s Next Top Model, which he won in 2015Dancing With the Stars, which he won in 2016, or the Freeform series Switched at Birth, on which he plays the role of an extremely hot deaf student named Garrett.

But even if you don’t know him from TV, you’ll recognize him from his prolific presence on Twitter, blessing your timeline with content such as this…

I mean…

interested water bottle GIF

Nyle is more than just (an extremely, perplexingly) pretty face. He’s also an activist for the deaf community and an outspoken voice for inclusion when it comes to the disabled community.

So when Atlanta recently included sign language interpretation at its Pride festivities, DiMarco had to show off one of the interpreter’s talents on his Twitter feed. 

Pretty impressive handiwork, no pun intended.

One fellow tweeter with the handle “Garbage Wreath” noticed the video didn’t have any sound.

But when he pointed it out to DiMarco…

… well, let’s just say he got more than he bargained for.


And I Oop Whatcha Say GIF by swerk

He’s got a point, Garbage Wreath.

DiMarco, like most of his family, has been deaf since birth. How would he know if a video had sound?

Especially since, as DiMarco went on to underline, the internet is an almost entirely un-inclusive place for people like him. 

Consider yourself served, Garbage Wreath.

late show shrug GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

But that wasn’t the end of it.

And not in the way you’d usually expect, where Garbage Wreath gets his feelings hurt and says something even stupider and then Twitter turns into a dogpile for an entire afternoon.

Rather, something magical happened…Garbage Wreath took the heat and–you’re not going to believe this–APOLOGIZED.

Which led to a lovely response of forgiveness from DiMarco…

Wow, internet!


That wasn’t so hard was it? 

seth meyers boom GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

And folks were definitely here for the kind and friendly reconciliation between the two.

It even inspired a couple people to look deeper into how they can positively impact the deaf community.

Good job, everyone! 

If you’d like to help out DiMarco’s mission of improving the lives of deaf children and their families, you can support his foundation here.

The book Talking with Your Hands, Listening with Your Eyes: A Complete Photographic Guide to American Sign Language is available here.

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Written by John Sundholm

John Sundholm is a writer, video producer and performer originally from Michigan, and is one of those people who says he "lived in London for a while" even though it was only six weeks for study abroad. He made Ellen DeGeneres laugh once so you should probably follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Medium, where he does a lot of yelling under the name @JohntheCraptist.