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Oblivious Man Falls Into Museum’s Black Hole Art Installation ?

Image Credit: Horacio Villalobos - Corbis/Getty Images

At the Serralves Museum in Porto, Portugal, there’s an art exhibit titled “Descent into Limbo (1992)” by artist Anish Kapoor. In the simplest terms, the piece is just a hole in the ground. But, due to Kapoor’s design, the hole appears infinitely deep—a neverending pit from which one can never emerge. Which made it especially disturbing when a museum patron fell into it.

The hole is reportedly painted with “Vantablack” paint Kapoor purchased in 2016. The paint is incredibly black, “[absorbing] 99.6 percent of the light that hits it,” and giving the eight-foot-deep hole the appearance of being bottomless.

Nonetheless, eight feet is still a significant drop, and the unlucky visitor who fell was hospitalized with back injuries following his tumble. He has now been sent home, according to the Times.

You may be wondering how a man was allowed to fall into the hole in the first place. According to Mashable:

…there were reportedly many warnings to prevent a person from falling into the hole — and a waiver to inform museum patrons of the potential dangers involved in visiting the exhibit — the visitor seemingly didn’t notice them and fell in anyway. 

The exhibit has been closed since the accident but is set to reopen soon…perhaps this time with a net at the bottom of the bottomless pit.

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Collin Gossel

Written by Collin Gossel

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