Millennial Gets Unhinged Reply After “Ok Boomer”-ing A Climate Change Denier

Reporter Jackson Ryan writes a lot about climate devastation. This has made him something of a target for people whose minds can’t wrap around the science, which seems to frequently line up with older generations who don’t want to admit any culpability in how their actions might have hurt the planet. It’s not too late, guys! We can still make a difference if we work together!

Cue a slew of angry emails.

Ryan recently shared an email from someone who was outraged that Ryan wrote about how the planet’s carbon dioxide rate is the highest it’s ever been. The unnamed man thinks the article was biased because it didn’t give a number. The number itself seems small compared to oxygen levels, in this angry man’s opinion, but that doesn’t actually mean it’s good. Seems easy to understand, but he finds it hard.

Ryan joked that he should reply “okay boomer” to the angry emailer and after very little encouragement from Twitter, he did. He also explained a bit that even if the tone of these emails are a bit funny, he gets so many of them every time he writes about climate change that it gets kind of depressing. At least this dude made him laugh.

There was more comedy to come. He got a response from his boomer buddy, and it’s absolutely wild:

“I’m 50, SNOWFLAKE,” the very calm and tough guy replied. “I own 5 companies in Texas and make a shitload of money. I pay taxes, workout, bang my wife an animal, have healthy relationships and basically live like a ROCKSTAR without having to get on stage. I also have the intelligence to look at both sides of an argument and figure out the real facts. Meanwhile, you are an average income (basically broke) ‘reporter’ (fake news) who blames people like me for your problems and shortcomings. Bottom line is that your parents spoiled your ass and you think you know it all. If you were my son I would slap the shit out of you.”

That “fake news” parenthetical says so much.

Ryan followed up with another response for the guy, this one with photo visuals:

Boomer rage only makes millennials stronger.