Oregon Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Groin While Showing Off His Gun At Grocery Store

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According to a police report, an Oregon man shot himself in the groin while he was showing his handgun to a friend in the checkout line at a local supermarket.

The incident occurred at McKay’s Market in Lincoln City, Oregon. The suspect—and victim—was identified as 29-year-old Nicholas J. Ellingford, a Lincoln City resident.

According to Sgt. Jeffrey Winn, who authored the report, Ellingford accidentally fired the gun as he was placing it back in his waistband. 

“Investigation revealed that Ellingford was inside the store and as he was waiting in the checkout line, he un-holstered a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol from his waist band so that he could show it off to a friend.”

“As Ellingford was placing the firearm back in the front of his pants near the zipper & button areas, he accidentally pulled the trigger causing the firearm to discharge.”

Winn went on to detail Ellingford’s attempted DIY castration. 

“The bullet entered into Ellingford’s groin area before exiting out the lower thigh of his leg, narrowly missing his femoral artery.”

After police arrived and performed first aid at the scene, Ellingford was air-lifted to the nearby hospital in Portland, Oregon.

While the worst of it may be over for Ellingford, Winn added some legal repercussions are on the table. 

“No one else was injured in this incident, however a criminal investigation is ongoing, as Ellingford did not have a concealed handgun license and his act was found to be reckless since it placed several people in danger.”

Once the story hit the internet, Twitter had a field day.

The imagined consequences on Ellingford’s reproductive possibilities were, of course, a hot topic.  

Others expressed more serious concern.

They felt the incident illustrated some very serious problems in the United States. 

Gun culture is definitely one of the unique characteristics of the United States of America. Whether members of that culture learn anything from Ellingford’s misfortune remains to be seen.

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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