Oregon Mom Arrested For Allegedly Hooking Up With 14-Year-Old Boy She Met On Snapchat

Douglas County Sheriff's Office

A woman was arrested last week in Oregon after allegedly having sex with a fourteen-year-old boy.

The woman, identified as Rheta Leanne Melvin, age 36, was arrested at her home in Riddle on Thursday, after the altercation the previous day.

According to reports, Melvin reached out to the boy, who is the same age as her own daughter, via Snapchat on Tuesday. The two flirted back and forth and shared sexually explicit photographs with one another.

On Wednesday, the two met up and allegedly had sex in the backseat of Melvin’s car.

The boy reported that, after the encounter, Melvin sent him messages on Snapchat, pushing him to meet up for additional sexual encounters. The boy refused.

The mother of the fourteen-year-old found out what happened and told the police, who took immediate action, resulting in her arrest the following day.

Upon her arrest, Melvin admitted to writing sexual messages to someone on Snapchat, but she argued that she believed the recipient was seventeen- or eighteen-years-old, not fourteen.

Melvin also admitted to sharing explicit photographs, but not to actually having sex with the teen.

At this point, Melvin has been charged with multiple counts, including rape, sodomy, and sexual abuse.

It’s unclear as to how the charges will pan out, as Melvin’s and the teen’s stories are fairly different.

The situation is still under investigation.

The responses to the news so far have been entirely negative, including disgust for Melvin’s potential act of sodomy, the continuation of rape culture, and particularly the trend that seems to be growing lately of women interacting inappropriately with male teens.


Though this particular investigation is still underway, it’s clear that rape culture in the United States is as prominent as ever.

Deserving more attention is the involvement of minors in the country’s rape culture.

It’s also a continuingly common misconception that female minors are being raped by adults more frequently than their male counterparts. But with the number of trending stories lately that have involved male minors, we need to remember that minors, in general, are being targeted.

We find it difficult to think about, but it needs to be discussed.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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