Oregon Woman Charged After Trying To Choke Muslim Woman With Her Own Hijab

Johnson County Sheriff's Office

A 23-year-old woman from Portland, Oregon is now facing charges of bias crimes after physically assaulting a 24-year-old woman from Saudi Arabia with the woman’s own hijab.

Both women were students at Portland State University. They both were at a campus Mac stop, but had never met each other before.

Jasmine Renee Campbell then physically assaulted the foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia, who wished to remain anonymous. Campbell pulled the woman’s hijab from her head and then attempted to strangle her with it.

Afterward, Campbell removed all of her clothes and rubbed the hijab on her breasts and genitals.

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The assault happened on November 12.

Campbell faces charges of attempted strangulation, harassment, criminal mischief and the committing of a hate crime.

The woman from Saudi Arabia stated she no longer feels safe wearing her hijab after Campbell’s assault against her on campus. She now wears a hat to cover her head instead of her traditional hijab headwear.

Campbell claimed she never wanted to hurt the other woman and behaved the way she did as a result of an episode of heavy drinking. She also claimed she was seeking help for her mental health condition, which she claimed was the reason for her no-show at her official hearing in early January.

According to other news sources, there is now a warrant out for the Campbell’s arrest after missing her court date on the morning of January 3rd, despite her reasons for not appearing.

Twitter is baffled by the situation, and what feels like an influx of hate crimes recently.


It’s unclear yet when Campbell’s rescheduled hearing will be. The actions Portland State University plans to take were not immediately available.

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