Passenger Reportedly Fought 21-Year-Old Driver For Steering Wheel Before Fatally Hitting Girl Scouts And Mom

We’re following a horrific and heartbreaking story out of Wisconsin, where a 21-year-old driver killed half a troop of Girl Scouts, including a mother, while driving under the influence of chemicals.

Jayna Kelley, 9, Autumn Helgeson, 10, Haylee Hickle, 10, and Haylee’s mother, 32-year-old Sara Jo Schneider lost their lives on Saturday. Another 10-year-old girl was also hit and hospitalized, but was in stable condition as of Monday.

People expressed shock, horror, and outrage at the tragedy.

Many were infuriated to hear the driver was huffing chemicals while driving.

News doesn’t get much worse than this. Apparently, the Girl Scouts were serving their community by cleaning up trash on the side of a road when they were struck by the 21-year-old driver’s truck. The driver and his passenger are said to have fought over control of the vehicle’s steering in the moments before the tragic collision.

The victims and their families aren’t being forgotten.

There’s no good reason to drive a vehicle intoxicated. Ever.

In this case, four lives and countless families have been destroyed by a reckless young man huffing aerosol while he drove. This senseless tragedy should serve as a caution to anyone that uses recreational drugs and drives. Just don’t do it.

H/T: BuzzFeed News, Time


Written by Kit Duggan

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