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Pennsylvania Man Charged Over Racist Attack Of Muslim Neighbor Who Asked Him To Leash His Dog

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Farrukh Abbas was walking in his apartment complex when he said he was attacked by his neighbor’s unleashed dog.

But the worst was yet to happen.

According to WPVI-TV, Abbas was verbally and physically assaulted by the dog’s owner on September 7 at the Kingswood Apartment complex in Upper Merion Township, Pennsylvania.

Authorities believe Abbas was attacked because he is Muslim.

When Abbas—who has lived in the complex for four years—asked the man to put a leash on his aggressive dog following its second attack, he responded by going on a racist, xenophobic tirade.

So Abbas did what other victims in his situation have done and recorded the suspect on his cellphone for evidence.

The unmasked man ignored social distancing measures and approached Abbas while threatening him with racial slurs and telling him to go back to his own country.

He yelled:

“Get the f’k out of here. Go back to your own country, you f’k!”

When Abbas repeatedly told his aggressor to leash his dog, the response was:

“F’k you and your f’kn’ country! I’ll knock you the f’k out. You want to get knocked out?”

“Come here, you want to get knocked out, huh? Just walk!”

The suspect approached Abbas at closer proximity and told him to:

“get the f’k out of my face.”

Things got physically violent when he punched Abbas in the chest with his fists.

Footage from the incident can be seen here.

WARNING: NSFW language.

Abbas said the confrontation was:

“Abusing, slurring. Then he started using the racist remarks.”

He added that he felt no longer welcome in the King of Prussia community where he lived for four years.

“This is our home. And how would it feel if someone asked you to get out of your home.”

Abbas immediately called the police and notified the Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) of the incident.

Thanks to the footage, authorities were able to identify the suspect as William Butler.

Butler has been charged with ethnic intimidation, harassment, and disorderly conduct.


Jacob Bender, executive director of CAIR-Philadelphia, said these hate-filled incidents have become an increasing problem.

“We need to bring it to the public and to say this is what’s happening in our country.”

By sharing the video of his disturbing encounter, Abbas hopes to prevent others from being targeted in similar attacks.

After seeing many racially-provoked confrontations caught on video, Abbas never thought he would be in one.

“Until it happens to you, you feel immune.”

“When you experience it yourself, you feel the gravity of the situation. How bad it feels.”

WPVI shared Thursday’s statement from officials, which read:

“Upper Merion Township does not tolerate harassment or intimidation in any form, and certainly not that which is racially or ethnically motivated.”

“We strongly condemn any actions like this in our community, as they do not represent Upper Merion Township, and will do everything in our power to prevent this from continuing.”

“We are deeply sorry that the victim in this incident had to endure this physical and verbal harassment while walking in the community.”

Abbas was not injured from the incident.

According to Patch, a preliminary hearing for Butler is pending.

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