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A Pennywise Doll Floated Into A New Jersey Woman’s Yard, So She Understandably Burned It

Warner Bros, Renee Jensen/Facebook, @riotgeek/Twitter

It turns out that when Pennywise the clown said “we all float down here” he wasn’t joking.

And one New Jersey woman got the scare of a lifetime when a plush version of the terrifying clown from Stephen King’s horror classic It came floating into her backyard.

Renee Jensen, of Harrington Park, was just chilling with her boyfriend when she saw something airborne by her side gate.

Thinking maybe a bird died midair, she walked over to where it landed only to recoil in horror when she realized what it actually was.


The doll had fake “blood” covering its mouth, and there was creepy black writing scrawled on its forehead.

In an interview with, Jensen, a Stephen King fan who has read the book and seen the miniseries starring Tim Curry as the killer clown, said at first she wondered if the doll was simply a promotion for the upcoming movie It: Chapter Two that was delivered by drone.

But things just didn’t add up.

“If you saw how many trees we have and where this thing came from, it made no sense at all,” she said.

“It didn’t even hit any of our trees until it was just about to land at our gate. It looked like a dog toy — they sell it at Hot Topic or something.”

After posting about it on Facebook, Jensen’s friends encouraged her to call the police, which she did.

But even the cops wanted nothing to do with the creepy doll.

“They were hysterical,” she told

“They wouldn’t touch it. They were totally creeped out too. It was so funny.”

Instead, they suggested Jensen just get rid of the doll.

So, like any rational person, she decided to burn it.

Except she couldn’t get it to light.


She tried several different things to get the demon doll to burn, including dousing it in olive oil, before successfully reducing it to ashes with the help of some newspaper.

Then, Jensen, who is a reiki healer, saged the f–k out of the yard.

She also decided to sleep with a knife that night with her bedroom door locked for good measure.

Jensen said she’s just happy her 10 and 12-year-old kids weren’t around when it all went down.

News of the incident eventually spread to Twitter, and people were understandably both amused and horrified.

At least we know who to call if Pennywise ever does somehow creep into our world.


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Written by Brian Skellenger

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