People On Twitter Seriously Cannot Figure Which Woman In These Photos Is The Mother

Some women just don’t age. Demi Moore. Lucy Liu. Jennifer Lopez. Naomi Cambell.

Obviously, these women are the incredibly lucky few we all secretly wish would fall off a cliff.

But even if you’re the kind of woman who ages with the utmost grace, it’s pretty rare that someone would actually confuse you for your daughter.

That’s what happened to Twitter user @KrissyNicole recently when she posted a picture of her and her mother, along with the caption:

Thank you for literally everything you do for me mother. I love you.

The message had Twitter in complete confusion. And us too.


People began replying to Krissy’s tweet with utter confusion and tons of questions.

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And a lot of people tried to shoot their shot to Krissy’s mom, too.

Doing a little bit of digging into Krissy’s Twitter page, it turns out that Krissy is the brunette and her mother is the blonde in these photos.

And, it isn’t the first time Krissy shared some pretty confusing pics with her mother.

Some people just get all the good genes in life, huh.