People Are Sharing The Hilariously Bizarre Things They’ve Found At Their Parents’ House While Visiting For Thanksgiving ????

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The holiday season often finds grown children nationwide returning home to see their parents. This trip down memory lane also means they find all of the strange things their parents leave around the house.

To be clear, we’re not referring only to little tchotchkes and decorations that need updating. We’re talking about the truly random.

There was this tea set.

And this strange clown football player.

This old newspaper was a pretty old bookmark.

Of course, mannequin heads are important decor for any home.

As are rabbi rubber duckies.

Some parents need help keeping up with the hip kids.

And many parents were in danger of having the CDC show up at any moment.

And while the ’90s are back in style, we don’t think these parents necessarily are.

And finally, there was this important countdown clock.

We can’t wait to see what people find during the rest of the holidays.

H/T: Twitter, Independent

Dana Levinson

Written by Dana Levinson

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