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Philadelphia Man Steals Car With Kids Inside, Then Gets Beaten To Death By Their Father And Other Bystanders

NBC10 Philadelphia

A man was physically assaulted by an angry mob after stealing a car with three children inside.

The perpetrator, identified as 54-year-old Eric Hood, stole the car around 9 pm on July 11th. A 25 year old woman had left her three kids in the car as she went inside the nearby pizza shop in North Philadelphia, leaving the car running as she stopped inside to greet her boyfriend, who is also the father of the children.

As this was happening, Hood entered the Hyundai Sedan and took off with the kids, aged between 7 months and five years old. Unfortunately for him, his joyride only lasted half a block, due to a traffic build-up on 29th and York streets.

At this point, the childrens’ father had caught up to Hood, who promptly pulled him out of the vehicle and began beating him up. Bystanders quickly noticed what was happening and proceeded to join the father in taking down Hood.

Watch news footage of the event here.

The angry mob roughed up the car thief, knocking him unconscious by the time paramedics arrived. Hood was brought to Temple University Hospital and was pronounced dead at 10pm.

Once Hood was identified, police confirmed that he had at least 24 previous arrests and convictions. Currently, police are waiting for the results of the toxicology test, which will reveal if Hood had taken any sort of drugs before the ordeal.

A video of the incident found its way to Instagram and quickly went viral. The police are in the process of reviewing the documented brutal attack.

Few parents had any sympathy for the man who was killed.

Both the father and mother of the children have been brought to the police for questioning, but have not been charged for the murder.

None of the children were injured during the incident.

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