Piers Morgan’s Latest Tweet About ‘Racist Toxic Feminism’ Is Just Straight Up Irony ????

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Let’s get this out of the way: Piers Morgan is the master of being owned on the internet.

The man has a knack for saying just the right thing to not only piss people off, but easily makes a fool of himself in the process.

Today’s example starts with a popular tweet that’s been shared several times over the years, but was recently reposted by xlayre on Twitter.

It’s a funny sentiment, even if we still knew what kind of reaction it’d get. After the Gillette ad, everyone knows the kind of whining that comes from questioning toxic masculinity and white supremacy.

Piers Morgan was among those you’d expect to have a take on this tweet, but boy did he really go there.

Completely missing the irony in his own words, Morgan questioned why a hypothetical tweet of the complete reverse would be considered racist and sexist.

And it would seem the irony was completely lost on the British host.

Morgan’s tweet is another example of the misconception of what defines racism and sexism.

While the technical dictionary definition might define racism as the prejudice or discrimination of one race vs another, modern social theories and discussions place a stronger emphasis on the society as a whole.

And when discussing social issues and constructs, who is the expert; dictionaries or sociological texts?

Racism is a systemic tool of oppression against racial and ethnic minorities perpetuated by a system established since the European colonization of the world. Because of the lingering effects of these empires and more modern racial segregation laws, people of color are at a disadvantage in the modern world.

Similar arguments can be made for a male hierarchy.

As the beneficiaries of the power imbalance in western society, there is no such thing as racism against white males based on a joke tweet.

Piers… stop being so sensitive about a tweet.

The other aspect of Morgan’s tweet is how he shifts the target. While it was a white woman that made the joke, Morgan rearranges his hypothetical to be about black women.

And Twitter was not here for that.


Morgan’s history of being disliked by just about everyone is well documented.

There was the time he tried to make fun of Daniel Craig for being a caring father. A supercut of his co-host on Good Morning Britain Susanna Reid reacting to the daft things he says went viral as well.

And very recently, he was called out for basically begging President Trump for a job. That last one is supposedly meant to be a joke, but no one could tell.

All in all, Morgan’s greatest self-own was just replying to this tweet in the first place.

Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.