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Diabolical Genius Goes Viral For His Dedicated Plot To Score Free Food Every Day Of The Year


With times as tough as they are nowadays, we can all use a few good money-saving tips, and one ingenious TikToker has gone viral for his penny-pinching prowess.

But nineteen-year-old Noah Wille’s method isn’t your usual discount card or coupon code type of scheme—it’s downright sneaky. And while it requires a dedication to grifting that some many find a bit overboard, the pay off is free food every day of the year.

So what’s the secret?

It’s so simple it’s downright diabolical. 

WARNING: NSFW language

@noahwilleFree food year round ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##xyzcba ##xyzbca ##TodayILearned♬ original sound – noahwille

As Noah explains in his video, all it takes is an email address and some record-keeping skills.

“I made this fake email and I found a list of a bunch of restaurants that offered birthday freebies.”

“So I put them all in here, and I put my birthday on each website for a different day of the year.”

“So I have 365 days of free food.”

Now, of course, this isn’t the most honest way to get free food.

But it’s not your fault if the restaurant doesn’t ask for proof of your birthday.

In any case, as you might expect, Noah’s “life hack,” as he calls it, has gotten quite a bit of attention from other hungry TikTokers—well over 200,000 likes and nearly one million views. So clearly he’s onto something.

Noah spoke to BuzzFeed News about his little scheme, and it turns out that dishonesty aside, it was inspired by altruism… sort of…

When Noah was in high school, he started a non-profit to help the homeless population in Central Iowa, where he’s from.

As he told BuzzFeed:

“We would fundraise tons of money and put together care packages to help them out for a few weeks.”

Cut to a couple years later, when Noah found himself on his own and in a similar situation to the people he was helping back home in Iowa.

“About two months ago, I moved out to LA without the support of my parents and ended up finding myself in a similar spot to many of the people I usually helped out with—lacking food security.”

Noah needed a way to feed himself without sinking into more debt, and that’s when the fake birthday idea came to him.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

Noah’s fellow TikTokers were blown away by his cleverness










Others were just dying to get their hands on the spreadsheet.






And as it turns out, Noah’s not the only one who’s thought about something like this.




If you’re wondering if this scheme really works, Noah told BuzzFeed the day they spoke that he was on his way to grab a free personal pizza after the interview. A delicious scheme indeed.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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