Michigan Police Chief Fired After Telling Man ‘I Don’t Give A F**k About Your Rights’ During Arrest

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The chief of police in Corunna, Michigan was fired after he told a man “I don’t give a f**k about your rights” and then arrested him.

The entire incident was filmed by Matthew Wrosch, the man who was arrested.

Wrosch originally posted the video to Facebook Live. The video is no longer available there, but was published on YouTube as well.

It all began when Wrosch began to film a man who stood atop a tower in the middle of a field and threatened to jump.

Wrosch was first approached by two police officers who asked him to leave the scene.

He firmly stated his defense.

“It’s public property. First Amendment protected activity. Unless you got it taped off I can be here.” 

When one of the officers explained their concern that Worsch’s added presence could have agitated the man on top of the tower, Worsch complied and moved further away.

But around the 21 minute mark of the video, Worsch was approached by Police Chief Nick Chiros, who was demanded he leave the scene. 

“I’m gonna arrest you…for interfering. Get out of here. You’re gonna get him upset. You’re gonna get him upset. We don’t need the camera here.”

When Worsch asked why he would be arrested, Chiros simply repeated “for interfering.”

Chiros then handcuffed Worsch as the camera continued to film. When Worsch warned that his rights were being violated, Chiros dismissed him completely.

“I don’t give a f**k about your rights right now. I’m not politically correct. So shove that up your a**. I could give a f**k less what you think.”

“You’re going to jail. You’re gonna learn the hard way.”

Wrosch was taken to jail and released the next morning, at which time he posted the video to Youtube under his account Michigan Constitutional Crusaders.

The video sparked outrage in the local community and across social media platforms.

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In response to the backlash, the Corunna City Council unanimously voted to fire the chief, the Argus Press reported.

John Lawson, one of the council members, described the widespread backlash.

“We’ve been thrown into kind of a global spotlight on this, all through the internet.” 

“I’ve been getting emails mostly from a fringe group. They want to see some kind of stock put up in the town square where people can throw tomatoes at (Chiros).”

Chiros became Police Chief in 2015. He planned to retire in January.

Thanks to his aggressive approach to policing, retirement came a little early.

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