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Ex-Police Chief On Trial For Violent Hate Crime Against Black Teen Calls Trump ‘Last Hope For White People’

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In September 2016, (now former) Police Chief Frank Nucera slammed a Black teen’s head into a doorjamb.

Nucera was later arrested and accused of a hate crime against the teen.

During his trial, a recording made by a former colleague in 2016 was revealed. In it, Nucera can be heard telling other officers that President Trump “is the last hope for White people.”

The recording was played during Nucera’s trial last week.

In it, he also comments on then-candidate Hillary Clinton, saying that if she won the presidency she would “give it to all the minorities.”

Prosecutors are attempting to show that when he took the head of a handcuffed Black teen and slammed it into a doorframe, he was motivated by “intense racial animus.”

The trial has also revealed that in 2015, Nucera told a co-worker that Black people were “like ISIS, they have no value.”

Rocco Cipparone, who is representing Nucera in court, admitted his client said all the things he’s being accused of, but that these thoughts do not constitute a crime, saying:

“These are embarrassing, ugly words, but if Frank Nucera did not strike this man, then the words are equally irrelevant. It is not a crime, even for a police officer, to use that language. It’s not socially acceptable, it’s not appropriate, but it’s not criminal.”

Nucera’s trial ended on Thursday, September 26.

Nucera never took the stand.

A verdict is expected this week.

If Nucera is found guilty, he could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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