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Chris Pratt’s ‘Guardians’ Costar Pokes Fun At His ‘Worst Hollywood Chris’ Title With Playful Instagram Post

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You may have heard of the ongoing challenge of “Which Is The Best Hollywood Chris?” consisting of famous actors with the first name Chris—most of whom are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the running are Chris Hemsworth—Thor; Chris Evans—Fantastic FourThe Losers and Captain America; Chris Pine—Wonder Woman and Star Trek; and Chris Pratt—Guardians of the Galaxy.

Pratt was voted the worst of the Hollywood Chrises.

But Chris Pratt did win something.

The former Parks and Recreation actor won the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League.

In the spirit of his win, Pom Klementieff—his Guardians Of The Galaxy co-star—gently poked fun at him on Instagram.


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Klementieff is shown reading a book with Pratt’s face on it, but the title is “Hemsworth: The One And Only.”



Pratt also poked fun at himself when he won first.


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“I guess we can finally put an end to that debate of who’s the better Chris? *whispering* It’s one of them.”

The fantasy league will pay out a $15,000 check in Pratt’s name to the Washington Special Olympics.

If all the Chrises did go head-to-head in an official contest, who would emerge victorious?

The world may never know.

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