‘Poop Vandal’ Suspect Arrested After Striking For Third Time At Toronto University In Just Four Days

Toronto Police

Having a bucket of liquid feces dumped on you isn’t a thing most people would think to be worried about in a library, for good reason; it’s not exactly a common occurrence.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to several people over the course of 3 separate incidents and 4 days in Toronto, though.

Two of the incidents took place in libraries, University of Toronto’s Robarts Library and the Scott Library at York University’s Keele campus.

The third attack happened in the street near a University of Toronto building.

Toronto police posted the suspect’s photos on Twitter and asked for the public’s help in identifying him.

23-year-old Samuel Opoku was arrested on Tuesday evening, around 24 hours after the third incident, based on information investigators received from the public.

Police report that Opoku approached the victims with buckets filled with an as-yet-unidentified substance and doused them with the buckets’ contents before running away.

The crime lab is currently testing one of the buckets to determine whether the disgusting contents were of human origin or not.

RCMP Constable Alex Li told local news station CP24 of the arrest.

“We thank the community for their help and their support with this investigation. It is quite disturbing, but our team has put all our resources together and thankfully we’ve made an arrest on an individual and that person is going to answer to the charges in court tomorrow.”

Though all of Opoku’s victims were Asian, it would seem that police are not yet considering the crime racially motivated.

Police spokesperson Victor Kwong told The Toronto Star:

“We don’t know if that’s the connection, because we have different parts of Asia in there. Some (of the victims) were from the west side, some from the east side — so it’s not like they were all Chinese, per se.”

Opoku faces 5 mischief-related charges 5 charges of assault with a weapon for the 3 attacks.

Toronto police constable David Hopkinson was at a loss after the third incident.

“A young girl had a bucket of waste, feces, dumped on her. I don’t know what to say, I’m at a loss, this is absolutely disgusting.”

York University’s acting chief spokesperson, Yanni Dagonas, said university personnel were also shocked by the incident on their campus.

“As a public university we work to make the resources of our libraries as open as possible. What happened was shocking and assistance was provided to those affected.” 

University of Toronto students were also disgusted and disturbed by the attacks.

Ethan Denault, a neuroscience major at the University of Toronto told The Star:

“I’m not going to stop coming to the library but I’m definitely checking over my shoulder every now and then.” 

One student told CP24 reporters:

” I don’t know how you get that idea. We are all humans… You’ve got to have a bit more respect than that.”


Written by Winn Sioux Christnot-Peters

Winn Sioux Christnot-Peters is a writer/web designer and aspiring librarian based in Northern Maine. When not writing or in class, they devote much of their time to multiple non-profit organizations, largely focusing on LGBTQ+ rights and animal welfare. During rare moments of free time Winona enjoys video and tabletop games, as well as various nerdy fiber crafts such as crocheting (mainly amigurumi Pokémon, cat toys, and blankets) and counted cross stitch.