Popular YouTuber Dropped By Every Single Sponsor After Racist Tweet Comes To Light

YouTube beauty guru Laura Lee is losing every single one of her business partnerships, along with 400,000 subscribers, after a string of racist tweets resurfaced from 2012.

Lee found herself in a feud with fellow influencer and former best friend, Jeffree Star. Some of his fans took it upon themselves to dig up some serious dirt from the past, uncovering offensive tweets she made years ago.

She tweeted several offensive things, stereotyping and discriminating against several groups of people:

On top of the racist remarks, the beauty influencer reportedly made multiple fat-shaming tweets the following year. She has since deleted all of the tweets from her account.

Lee gave multiple apologies after the comments resurfaced, including a tearful video which has since received more than eight million views:

She admits that she was “stupid, and ignorant” and had “no excuses” for what she said. Through the tears, she said she was sad that she disappoint her fanbase – but it doesn’t seem as though her former fans are going to be quick to forgive Lee.

Since the scandal, she has lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers. More than 400,000 former fans have unsubscribed from her channel.

On top of losing subscribers and supporters, she is also losing business opportunities – all of them, to be exact. She had an unreleased makeup line in collaboration with Ulta Beauty, Laura Lee Los Angeles.

Now, a spokesperson from the beauty giant has announced they would be shelving the makeup line, rather than releasing it as planned:

“We have decided not to move forward with the launch of Laura Lee Los Angeles. Ulta Beauty values equality and inclusivity in all that we do.”

Diff Eyewear made a similar statement about discontinuing a limited-edition collection she designed earlier this year:

“We’ve taken this issue very seriously and do not support the comments that were made. At this time, our Peachy frames are unavailable for purchase. Thank you for your understanding.”

Lee was also affiliated with the popular monthly makeup subscription service, Boxycharm. CEO Yosef Martin announced that the company would officially be ending their relationship with Lee, in a video posted to social media.

Morphe Brushes has not released an official statement as the other brands have, but appear to have cut ties with Lee as well – after years of sponsorships and collaborations. She has been taken down from the “extended fam” section of their website, and all of her products have been marked as SOLD OUT.

People believe she wasn’t giving an authentic apology – and many wrote it off as fake, and even cringe-worthy:

She also apologized via Twitter:

In the written apology, she acknowledged that “those tweets weren’t humorous in any way” and blamed her past racism on growing up in a small town in Alabama.

She also said she will be getting involved with organizations that educate people on social justice and equality.

Some are saying that there is no coming back from something like this, especially considering all the damage that has already been done:

Lee continues to lose followers and subscribers as she attempts to do damage control.

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