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Popular YouTubers Somehow Didn’t Think Joking To Their 6-Year-Old That They Gave Her Puppy Away Would Backfire So Badly

Cole and Sav
The LaBrant Fam/YouTube // @Walldo/Twitter

Have you heard of Cole and Sav?

Neither have we, but they’re apparently a popular YouTube couple who played the wrong kind of prank on their 6-year-old daughter and are now facing the internet’s wrath. They’re self-identifying Christians and boast more than eight million subscribers on the content creation platform.

Cole and Savannah LaBrant kicked off April Fools’ Day by telling their daughter Everleigh that they were giving away the family’s pet dog. And they posted the whole thing to YouTube.

“Basically we are giving Carl away to somebody else,” Savannah says of the dog. “We feel like we can’t take good enough care of him at our house.”

“He needs someone to take him outside more often,” Savannah adds, before assuring her daughter that both parents “feel bad” about the decision.

Everleigh stares sadly at her beloved pet and then her mother breaks the spell.

“We’re keeping Carl!” Savannah says through giggles, assuring her daughter that it was all a joke.

Upon hearing this, Everleigh bursts into tears.

“If this offended any of you guys, she’s OK,” Savannah says near the end of the video. “She cried for two minutes, and she’s the happiest kid ever now.”

But that video didn’t go over well with the couple’s fanbase, many of whom accused the couple of child abuse.

A few people did come to the couple’s defense, however.

As one Facebook user wrote:

Another said:

Neither Cole nor Sav has responded to requests for comment. Can we all agree that April Fools’ Day is ridiculous and just cancel it already? Look, it’s literally a horror show.