Very Pregnant Woman Shows The Ultimate Commitment By Cosplaying As Deadpool

Deadpool 2 has just dethroned the supposedly unstoppable Avengers: Infinity War this past weekend at the box office.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the comedic, 4th-wall-breaking, merc-with-a-mouth raked in $301 million globally, with roughly $125 million of that from the domestic box office.


Whether it’s his zany antics, or the fact that Ryan Reynolds seems to be having a ball playing the foul-mouthed super “hero”, people seem to adore him.

So it’s not uncommon for some to break out some Deadpool cosplay when they go see the film. However, one woman took it to another level.


Reddit user, u/SolidAsSnake, posted the following image, showing off his wife’s cosplay before they went to see Deadpool 2 this past weekend. The catch?

She’s pregnant.

My wife is 39 weeks pregnant and really wants to see Deadpool 2. from pics

Nothing was going to stop “Pregpool” — as she’s been lovingly dubbed — from seeing this film opening weekend, and even managed to pose with her namesake.

Pregpool getting ready

Pregpool was upvoted over 75,000 times on Reddit, with many fans praising her commitment to Deadpool fandom, not only going to the movies 39 weeks pregnant, but also seriously rocking some awesome cosplay.

Umm, let’s hope not…

u/SolidAsSnake addressed the concern that Pregpool might go into labor in the movie theatre in an update about their Deadpool 2 experience.

Pregnant Deadpool


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Written by Robert Acosta

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