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Proud Boys Melt Down Over Growing ‘Proud Girls’ Movement On Far-Right Social Media Site Parler

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For The Proud Boys, an extremist hate group formed four years ago in New York City, 2020 was quite the year.

The group, which has amassed nationwide membership with chapters cropping up in municipalities across the country, has appeared in several headlines since protests calling for social justice began across the U.S. back in June.

The mostly White and male organization has been at the center of violent clashes with protesters in Seattle, Kenosha, and D.C. this year. And yet, The Proud Boys were also famously told to “Stand back and stand by” by President Trump during a nationally televised debate.

But most recently the group has grabbed headlines because they simply cannot accept that a group of women online want to spread hate and intolerance too.

As the Daily Dot has reported, the Proud Boys got into a tizzy when multiple women took to social media and began to identify themselves as “The Proud Girls.”

It all went down on Parler, a Twitter-esque social media site that has become the haven for conservative thinkers.

The Daily Dot explained that users like “ProudGirls2020” and “TheProudGirlsFlorida” have been using Parler to peddle their own hateful ideas for months now.

That growing movement apparently bothered The Proud Boys so much that one of the group’s members–Proud Boys Northern Nevada–tore into an on-brand, misogynistic rant.

The tirade began with the equivalent of someone on a playground sticking their tongue out.

“Dear ‘Proud Girls.’ Stop.”

“Hijacking our fraternity because you can’t stand men having their own club is exactly why we created this club in the first place.”

“You aren’t supporting us. You’re hurting us. You’re ruining what we hold dear.”

Then, right on cue, the cartoonish gender stereotypes came out. 

“Want to know how to ACTUALLY support us? Get married, have children, cultivate wonderful communities in which we can live in.”

“To save the west we need WOMEN BEING WOMEN. Not women trying to be men.”

“We beg of you, with sincere love from the bottom of our hearts, get pregnant and get the fuck back in the kitchen.”

The rant was eventually posted to Reddit. 

ProudBoys not down with ProudGirls… from r/ParlerWatch

Redditors who saw the post were happy to call out its immaturity. 

“Hangs up sign”



“Moooooooooom, you’re embarassing me in front of my friends!” — akennelley

“It’s the He Man Woman Haters Club in real life 🤣” — QUHistoryHarlot

“So maybe they should change their name to Proud Toddlers or Proud Incels.” — chaoticmessiah

Though many onlookers were not surprised in the slightest. 

“the attitudes in this post are the reason women will not procreate with them.” — Whatsitgonnatakeguys

“They are literally a chauvinist group…. among other awful things. These poor proud girls must have thought they were just fascist racists. Oh dear.” — snakewaswolf

“What exactly did these girls expect? The idiocy and bigotry of the white nationalists starts and ends with racism? Yikes” — GirlWithOnei

“So cringe. They’re talking like they’re fighting in WW2 against the Nazis, instead of getting sh** faced and assaulting random people on the streets.” — SirLauncelotTheBrave

Needless to say, the rant was never more than that: an angry post on social media that doesn’t  impact the deep attitudes of anyone. The Proud Girls continue to grow on Parler.

Not that that’s a win. After all, this is far-right hate we’re talking about here.


Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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