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Guy Epically Quits His Job At Starbucks By Singing Song Slamming His Manager In Front Of Customers

Anesti Danelis/YouTube

Who among us has not dreamed of quitting a job in epic fashion?

Of standing up one day in the middle of the workplace and going full-on scorched Earth, raining wrath on that horrible boss or insufferable coworker before storming out in an unforgettable huff?

But sadly, for most this sort of “Take this job and shove it” story is just thatβ€”a fantasy. If you’re one of these people, allow us to introduce you to your new personal hero.

Meet Anesti Danelis: YouTuber, musician and (extremely former) Starbucks barista from Toronto.

Danelis recently decided to move on from his position at Starbucks, so he wrote a gloriously profane resignation song we presume is called “F*ck This, I Quit.”

Which he sang not on YouTube, but live.

In the Starbucks where he worked.

During his shift.

To his manager.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Burn GIF by Identity

Take it away, Anesti.


Those are some lyrics, huh?

The entire thing is poetry, but far and away the best bit is at the 1:14 mark, when he details a long list of grievances that his boss can shove up her/his “large bumhole” which he then immediately corrects in the most Starbucks way possible:

“Sorryβ€”venti bumhole.”

An instant classic.

And as you might guess, Twitter is pretty much in love with this epic kiss-off.


Best of luck in your next endeavor, Anesti, you absolute legend.

Here’s hoping you inspire your new colleagues as much as you’ve inspired the rest of us.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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