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Racist Guy Tells Woman He Hopes Her Son ‘Dies Of Leukemia And Suffers’ During Parking Lot Dispute

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A Colombian-American woman from Orange County, California went to the grocery store to buy her son’s favorite cereal. She was verbally assaulted in the parking lot by a White male.

According to News 12, the victim, identified only as “Ximena” said the outburst was prompted by a parking dispute.

You can see the censored video here:

Before she could make it into the Vails Gate ShopRite, the enraged man hurled expletives at her and her child.

Ximena said:

“He just started cursing at me.”

“I had Max in the car, and he dropped to the floor and put his hands on his ears.”

She filmed the xenophobic encounter in the parking lot to stand up for herself. She posted it online where it went viral.

In his rant, the man accused her of being a “Biden supporter.”

She asked:

“What does he know about me?”

“He knows nothing. Just because he assumed I’m an immigrant and have an accent, he went with it.”

The man also wished death upon her son.

He was heard in the recording, yelling:

“You’re a stupid, ignorant (expletive) and you don’t belong in this country because you’re an illegal.”

“I hope your (expletive) kid dies. How about that?”

“I hope he dies of leukemia and suffers a long time.”

While the identity of the man was also undisclosed, the internet recognized his behavior.

Ximena said this was not the first time she was called names in public because of her ethnicity. She blamed the racist confrontation on worsening political divisions among Americans.

“It’s the climate. We have this hate between the two political parties, back and forth.”

“It’s sad. It’s sad it comes down to this.”

The news report said New Windsor police are investigating the incident but no charges have yet been filed.

Ximena hopes the incident will serve as a lesson for humanity and be a reminder to “be kind to one another.”

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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