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Racist ‘Karen’ Threatens To Smack Hair Stylist, Then Acts Surprised When She’s Told To Get Out


A Los Angeles hair stylist was doing a routine touch-up on a longtime client when the client made a threatening gesture in her direction.

Robin–the woman in the chair–was in the middle of getting her roots re-colored when the stylist, Sharon Spellman, mentioned that her assistant would be finishing up the appointment.

Robin, who is also the racist ‘Karen’ of our story, did not take kindly to that.

After a few moments of Spellman continually trying to assure Robin that her assistant was perfectly capable of continuing the job, Robin grew more and more agitated until finally she went to assault Spellman before realizing she was on camera.

“[Robin] has been my client for like a year and a half, two years now. And she was the client in the salon, prior to me working at the salon, that was getting passed around because nobody could handle her energies,” said Spellman, on a later Instagram Live explaining the incident.

“She would sometimes kind of be out of line towards other people in the salon, and I would look at her, and I would be like, ‘Robin, that’s not very nice. We can’t talk to people that way.’”

Spellman also said that Robin often made disrespectful comments about minorities, and that her trepidation towards Spellman’s assistant, Alex, was likely racist.

After attempting the assault, Robin still pleaded for her hair to be done.

Spellman continually refuses until Robin leaves the premises.

The internet’s support for Spellman doesn’t change the fact that a white customer felt entitled to assault her stylist for not getting her way.

What does this video say about America?

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Written by Mike Walsh

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