Iowa Motorist Who Ran Over Girl Because She ‘Was A Mexican’ Also Hit A Black Child The Very Same Day

Clive Police Department

Nicole Marie Pool Franklin is not a name you may recognize, but unless you’ve been avoiding social media and the news lately, you probably heard all about her horrific racist acts.

Franklin, fueled by meth and racism, is the Iowa driver who intentionally drove her SUV up onto a sidewalk to run down a 14 year-old girl because, in her words, the child was “Mexican.”

The child, who was walking to a basketball game when Franklin hit her and then continued driving, survived—though she was seriously injured.

New details have emerged that make the case even more horrifying, but first let’s give you some relevant details to the events of that day.

Before Franklin went on her racist rampage, she got high on meth. Once she was high, we know she mowed down a 14 year-old Hispanic girl because of the child’s race.

What many people don’t know is that after Franklin hit the girl she drove to a nearby gas station. At that gas station she spent over twenty minutes shouting racial slurs, destroying merchandise and threatening people.

Witnesses at the gas station called police based on that behavior—not over her hit and run of the girl. They had no idea.

Franklin confessed to hitting the child with her SUV—as well as her racist motivations for her actions—to police after the gas station arrest. She also spouted plenty of derogatory and racist comments to officers. She was brought up on charges including attempted murder, theft, assault, possession of illegal substances and more.

After public outcry, hate crime charges were added.

Clive Police Department

It seems those hate crime charges are even more deserved than people initially knew. It has just come to light that Franklin intentionally hit a black little boy about an hour before running over the 14 year-old girl.

According to witnesses and surveillance footage, Franklin aimed her SUV at a boy who was walking along the curb of an apartment complex. She then “gunned the engine” and jumped the curb, running over the little boy’s leg and continuing on like nothing happened.

The boy, aged 12, survived with relatively minor injuries. Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek says that footage confirms Franklin striking the child was a purposeful act.

So for those keeping track at home, here is what we know of Franklin’s actions that day. First, we know she got high on meth. After that, she intentionally struck the first child, a 12 year-old black male child.

About an hour later, she plowed her SUV into a 14 year-old Hispanic girl. She later confessed to hitting this child on purpose because of the child’s race.

Approximately ninety minutes after her second hit and run of a child, Franklin found herself at a gas station shouting racial slurs, throwing potato chips and destroying merchandise and displays.

Franklin now faces at least two attempted murder charges, assault charges, theft charges, hate crime charges in relation to the gas station incident and several charges related to the meth.

As word of the second hit and run hits social media, people don’t seem surprised.

They do, however, seem furious. 


Franklin was held on a $1 million bond over the initial hit and run with the girl. No word yet on whether this new charge will see her bond increased or potentially even revoked.

Many people point to Franklin’s meth use as an excuse, but just as with mental illness and alcohol, no one becomes a racist because of meth. It just removes their inhibitions about showing how racist they are to the world.

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Written by Erica Diaz

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