Twitter Feed Turns Trump Quotes Into Red Skull Supervillain Comics And We’re Howling

There are a lot of Twitter accounts that mock Donald Trump, in part because Twitter is his preferred medium for making a fool of his own damn self. But Trump says and does stupid things all over the place, and a man who identifies himself by the name DM Higgins has found a way to share those ridiculous soundbites in the perfect way: through the mouth of Marvel supervillain Red Skull, archenemy of Captain America.

Higgins takes Trump’s quotes or tweets and finds panels of published Marvel comics featuring Red Skull to put them in, then shares them under the handle @PresVillain (President Supervillain) on Twitter. Since Red Skull was a Nazi, a lot of the imagery works. In an interview with the Guardian, Higgins said that he always thought the way Trump talks makes him sound like a comic book.

“His language is self-aggrandizing, almost absurdly so, to the point of megalomania,” Higgins says of President Supervillain.

“He speaks in superlatives, which kind of boils everything down to an exaggerated oversimplification. And exaggerated oversimplification is very much the realm of superhero comics.”

He chose Red Skull over a villain like Lex Luther or someone more human, because he doesn’t want Trump’s image to be softened or to add humanity to the horrible things he says.

“It’s impossible to root for the Red Skull or to think of him as a misunderstood anti-hero. And in most of the older comics, he also looks kind of silly in his dumb green jumpsuit. There’s nothing cool about the Red Skull,” says Higgins.

There is nothing cool about Red Skull, and there’s nothing cool about Donald Trump. Must be why all these comic panels are so perfect: