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Onlookers Rush To Rescue Woman Who Fell Head First Into Manhole After Car Slammed Into Her Scooter


The people of the Brazilian state, Pará, demonstrated what it means to rescue someone in need, no questions asked.

Last Wednesday, 27-year-old Mayara dos Santos was struck on her scooter by a red Sedan that was making a left turn, which not only threw her, skidding across the pavement, but also sent her straight down an oversized, open storm drain.

A nearby security surveillance camera caught the entire incident on tape, including the collision that started it all.

The man driving the red Sedan, who remains unidentified, is seen on the video stopping his car in the middle of the turn before leaving the car there to check on the woman.

In the next several minutes of surveillance footage, more and more passers-by are seen stopping to check the scene and help in any way they can.

This included an early arrival on the scene, Luis Carlos Diniz, who climbed down into the manhole to rescue dos Santos before the paramedics arrived on-scene.

Upon her recovery from the manhole, dos Santos was transported to Eastern Pará Regional Public Hospital to attend to her multiple injuries. Her family has confirmed that she will need to have surgery for spinal cord injuries that were sustained during the fall.

The entire incident lasted less than 5 minutes.

You can see the full surveillance video here: 

The video has been making the rounds on social media as more people celebrate the woman’s rescue and the example these people set of truly helping out in a moment of need.

Woman swallowed by manhole after motorcycle crash rescued

This woman fell head-first down a manhole! 😱 via ViralHog

Posted by Daily Mail Video on Monday, August 10, 2020

A few were relieved to see the woman survive after an accident like this. 

Daily Mail Video / Facebook
Daily Mail Video / Facebook

Others were grateful to see such an overwhelming response, clearly jaded by how people often respond in moments of need like this. 

Daily Mail Video / Facebook
Daily Mail Video / Facebook
Daily Mail Video / Facebook

Too often we see individuals stop to take videos or photographs but not to call for help. Or worse, they watch from the sidelines or simply continue walking, instead of offering to help make the situation better.

Though moving dos Santos from her place in the storm drain was a risky move, as they did not yet know the full extent of her injuries, it’s still heartening to see such a quick and thorough rescue take place.

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