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Restaurant Worker Fired After Kicking Gay Married Couple Out For Embracing In Front Of Her

News 12

Gay married couple Nelson Ayala and Jamel Brown Jr. were shocked when they went to pick up a food order at a restaurant in Bronx, New York, on January 15.

They were asked to leave by a restaurant employee who was offended after seeing the couple affectionately embracing each other.

In a video filmed by the couple, the homophobic worker at La Isla Cuchifrito restaurant was heard telling them in Spanish, “man, woman,” suggesting a romantic partnership should be between people of opposite genders.

She also told the couple that her family had different customs.

That employee has now been fired, according to News 12.

Pink News said that while the anti-LGBTQ employee berated the couple and repeatedly told them to leave the premises, the other employees did not enforce the order.

In fact, another employee siding with the couple told them she agreed her coworker was out of line for asking them to leave.

The couple was traumatized by the incident and said getting food during the pandemic was already a challenge.

Brown Jr. told News 12:

“Now that we have to go somewhere and be kicked out because of our sexual preference is just mind-blowing.”

Ayala also added:

“Who I love shouldn’t define where I shop or eat at. I came here to get service, not to get judged.”

The couple canceled their food order and demanded a refund after the incident.

They also filed a complaint with the police, which prompted an apology from the establishment.

Boyd Cole of La Isla Cuchifrito said the management in “no way” condones the kind of behavior that was exhibited by the confrontational employee.

Cole confirmed the employee has been terminated and added in a statement to News 12:

“They have been in this community for over 20 years and have never dealt with something like this.”

“They want to offer the couple their sincerest apology and a free meal.”

Despite the peace offering, the couple told the news outlet they plan on never returning to the restaurant.

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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