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‘Road Rage Karen’ Says She Doesn’t Believe In The Internet As She Threatens Man In Front Of Cop


An enraged woman was caught on video threatening another man in front of an officer who was responding to a traffic accident.

She is now being dubbed “Road Rage Karen” after the video of her was posted on the Public Freakout subReddit where it went viral.

The beginning of the clip showed the woman describing to the officer what happened and claimed a man involved in the fender bender had called her a “b*tch.”

Insane Karen Threatens Man In Front Of Cop from r/PublicFreakout

The woman continued her tantrum by blaming her behavior on not having taken an antidepressant.

She told the officer:

“He got hit, and I’m sorry. I take Cymbalta; I’m ready to explode. And I did not take my pill today.”

She continued:

“Right now, I can make a fist with no problem. I’ve broken many people’s arms. Because it’s his fault; he’s the one that crossed over in front of me.”

Her rage intensified after noticing the man – presumably involved in the accident – was filming her rant.

She perpetually yelled at him to “shut it off!”

The man recording quipped, “This is gonna look awesome on YouTube” –  to which she snapped:

“I’ll tell you right now, mister, if that freakin’ shows up on YouTube, I will find you. And yes, that’s a threat.”

The officer – whose repeated orders for the woman to return to her car were ignored –  intervened and warned he would arrest her for “creating a disturbance.”

Contrary to what the man told Road Rage Karen, he never stopped filming and captured her declaring something the internet later ruthlessly mocked her for.

She yelled:

“I don’t like to be on the internet! I don’t believe in the internet!”

Redditors commented on the paradox of her claim.

“But the internet believes in you” – BruceBannerer

“How’s she even going to see herself on the internet if she doesn’t even believe in it?” – dreed91

“If I didn’t believe in the internet then I wouldn’t be using it. I wouldn’t be danger of seeing myself on the internet.”

“Irl me, on the other hand, who spends too much time on Reddit wouldn’t want to see myself freaking out posted on here, but I also don’t spend time bragging about making fists and breaking arms in public, so I still don’t think I’m likely to see myself posted on the internet.” – dreed91

“If you don’t believe in the internet and someone posts a video of you, does it make a sound?” – patrick_byr

“The quickest way to ensure you end up on the internet is to tell people not to post you on the internet.” – dease7262

Others withheld their sarcasm and addressed concerns of mental health.

“No compassion in the comments for someone who straight out said that she is on psychiatric medication and she felt like she was going to explode.”

“Mental illness can’t be seen like a broken leg but it is just as real. You can’t expect someone with mental illness to just snap out of it and start acting right anymore than you can expect someone with a broken leg to run a marathon.” – ElCuerno

“That bit got me. She obviously has some untreated mental health problems. As much as some of these individuals act like c*nts, the fact that most of them have mental illnesses that may never be treated, only gawked at, makes me sad. :-(” – MyLifeHurtsRightNow

But others insisted her behavior was unacceptable, regardless of her situation.

“Well..I guess she is being treated but..but f’k the entitlement.”

“The only positive I see of these videos as it hopes it allows people to stand back from themselves if they see how they’re behaving.”

“You don’t always get to take control of a situation because you’re having a sh**ty day and you forgot to take your pill.” – tropicofpracer

“Man, when I don’t take my cymbalta I just feel sick and anxious. This lady gets to be a rage monster AND doesn’t get arrested for it?”

“This world is UNFAIR.” – harpinghawke

“The front of her car hit the back of his car on a day when she openly admits she’s meant to take medication but didn’t.”

“Her insurance are going to love her for this.” – richh00

“Karens love to blame their bad behaviour on medication.” – Head_Crash

“She said she was on Cymbalta, which is an antidepressant. She said she hadn’t taken her pill yet that day, which shouldn’t have made her flip out and go complete Karen on them.”

“You’re absolutely right in that she’s using it as an excuse for bad behavior.” – RustyDisturbance

The clip ended with the woman walking away and the officer asking for the other man’s driver’s license and registration.

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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