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Russian Fisherman Shares Pictures Of Some Of The Most Bizarre Sea Creatures We’ve Ever Seen ?


The ocean is Earth’s last great unexplored frontier. This is for good reason: it’s underwater! But if there were a way to probe the icy depths of our seemingly endless seas, who knows what strange and beautiful creatures might be found?

Roman Fedorstov, that’s who! Roman is a Russian deep-sea fisherman who goes out onto the ocean and trawls for months at a time. Whenever Roman returns to land (and internet access), he posts pictures of the unusual creatures he’s encountered during his travels.

Be warned: these things are CRAZY WEIRD.

Some of these monsters come complete with a full set of teeth?!

These fish seem just as unhappy to see you as you are to see them.

Some discoveries are more…suggestive than others.

Nautical Twitter was jazzed to meet these strange denizens of the ocean!

These animals are SO gross…that we can’t tear our eyes away.

This fish will be swimming through your nightmares tonight.

Ah, the life of a fisherman! It may not be for everyone, but these pictures certainly are. Thanks, Roman, for documenting your continued adventures!

H/T – Buzzfeed, Gizmodo


Written by Collin Gossel

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