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Video Of Sadistic Grandma Making Her Family Play Game Involving Money And Mouse Traps Goes Viral


We weren’t supposed to gather for Thanksgiving this year.

Science and health experts’ advice regarding the ongoing global pandemic left us all worried about congregating indoors.

That was sad news for many. Age-old traditions would miss a year, relatives seen only once in awhile would remain unseen for a little longer this time around.

But some folks, hopefully quarantining properly to ensure safety, gathered nonetheless.  To them, the traditions were just too special: turkey dinner, football, and falling asleep by 8pm.

But in a house in Arizona, an even more momentous tradition was taking place.

It involved a circle of family members shouting over one another, grabbing crumpled dollar bills, and pinching their fingers under the snap of a loaded mouse trap.

Thanksgiving is what you make of it, after all.

@xcassimariexholiday games are NOT a joke at gma’s house ##GiftOfGame ##ColdWeather ##games ##family ##fyp ##grandma ##scary ##mousetrap ##holidays♬ original sound – cass

As the video showed, the game was simple. Each player stood at the table and launched into the array of mouse traps and cash in front of them.

By the looks of it, this was a game with no score, no winner, and almost no rules whatsoever.

It’s tempting to call it a game where everyone wins. But it looks more like everyone loses.

TikTok users who saw the video were shocked, and huge fans. 

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Cassie Graichen, who posted the video, was asked by BuzzFeed News for some further explanation. 

“We went up there to visit, and we were looking at the grocery list, and there were mouse traps on it, and we were like, what is that for?”

“I didn’t play, because I wasn’t trying to get snapped, but I had fun watching everybody else do it.”

Graichen got a kick out of all the TikTok commentary. 

“A lot of people are asking if my grandmother is Jigsaw; I had to explain to her what the Saw movies were.”

With more holiday cheer just around the corner, it’s alarming to imagine exactly what this grandma will devise. 

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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