School Bathroom Leads To Secret Shrine To Danny DeVito—And It’s Delightfully Strange

L) Twitter screenshot. R) Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images.

A hidden opening in a college bathroom leads to a Danny DeVito shrine—and the internet needs to know every last detail.

There’s a bathroom somewhere on the campus of Purchase College in New York that holds a mysterious secret—one known to only a chosen few… until recently.

Hidden behind a removable paper towel dispenser is a dark room that has the feeling of the final scene from The Blair Witch Project, but the far corner of the room holds something (seemingly) much less nefarious—a shrine to Danny DeVito, the award-winning Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor and filmmaker.

“This is so weird,” you can hear someone say, in a video posted on Twitter, as a group of students explore the room and discover a cutout of DeVito with an assortment of offerings on the floor before it. “Leave An Offering for Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trash Men,” a hand-written card says.

Prepare to have your mind blown:

This tweet shows how the paper towel dispenser can be removed from the wall to reveal the secret entrance:

Last month, one student even invited DeVito to come and see the shrine for himself:

According to Mashable, the secret room wasn’t widely known until news of it went viral on Tuesday. As for the exact location, @terreeslavie said in a Twitter DM, “It’s in a bathroom. I can’t reveal which though. It’s confidential.”

Some had questions:

But basically, people loved it:

Celebrity Cutouts offered a free life-size cutout of Danny DeVito for the shrine. How could one refuse?:

Many asked why eggs weren’t among the offerings, referring to DeVito’s 2017 Broadway stint in The Price:

Apparently, the love for DeVito extends well beyond SUNY Purchase:

Let’s hope this doesn’t come true:

A closing thought to ponder:

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Written by Vanessa Nix Anthony

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